Monday, October 6, 2008

Dad's Pancakes - a Review

Yesterday Dad made whole wheat pancakes for breakfast. He made his own flour in the wheat grinder and then added eggs, baking powder, oil, milk, sugar and salt. And then he poured the batter onto the hot griddle and when the pancakes were nice and brown on one side he flipped them over and he waited for the other side to do the same thing. Then we put butter and syrup on them and started to eat them.

My brother Jacob got the biggest pancake because he helped set the table. It was HUGE. He couldn't eat it all, but then my dog, Kai, stole it from the table and ate it all.

I ate 6 pancakes. My dad only ate 5.

I give this recipe two thumbs up. Bye.


Dad said...

Hi Sheldon,

I love making pancakes on the weekends and I am always amazed at how many you can eat. Don't forget the honey!



Christina Munyan said...