Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yummy Soup Review

Tonight my dad made a fabulous soup. It had chicken, chicken broth, bacon, potatoes, and other things like that in it. I had it with milk and homemade french bread. I took off the crust of the bread and dunked the soft part into the soup. I flipped it over and picked it up with my spoon. And I ate it little by little. I had four bowls of soup and four slices of bread. I had one more slice of bread for dessert with jelly on it.

It was better than anything I have ever tasted.

If you make this bread and soup, ENJOY!!

p.s. by Mom. The delicious soup that Sheldon was just describing was actually clam chowder. Last week we made linguini with clam sauce and Sheldon HATED the clams, so tonight we didn't tell him that there were clams in the soup. He guessed that the meat was chicken and ate four bowls.

p.p.s. by Sheldon. It's not nice to trick your kids into eating stuff.

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Anika said...

Clam chowder or chicken bacon chowder both sound great to me. Sheldon, once my mom cooked rabbit (that my violin teacher raised and gave her) and didn't tell us what it was till after we ate it--I thought it was chicken too.

I really like your descriptive writing, i could almost taste the soup.